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Mayhem Festival -- Clarkston, MI -- August 16th, 2010

Okay another old review but hey you can never have enough so here it is. Now when i first looked at the line-up I thought what a shitty line-up. Korn seriously. But their was Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall, Hatebreed, 3 inches of Blood. So we made our way to a sold out Dte Energy Music Theater their was about 16,000 fans ready for some metal. When we got their the line was so fucking long. We missed Tension Head a local opener. We also missed norma jean who I don't care about. We got in during Winds Of Plague didn't listen that hard I was busy buying my Mayhem Shirt. Got up close though for the Wall Of Death which was fun. Then I left for Shadows Fall who put on an amazing show nice pit as well.

1.King of Nothing
3.Thoughts Without Words
4.Still I Rise
5.The Power of I and I
6.Bark at the Moon
(Ozzy Osbourne cover)
7.The Light That Blinds

Then i went to the Rockstar tent and got some free rockstar then watched 3 inches of Blood back at the Jager Stage they sounded good from where I was.
Now it was time for Chimaira and DTE went crazy alot of pits it was fun.

1.Black Heart
2.Pleasure In Pain
3.Power Trip
4.Secrets Of The Dead
6.The Dehumanizing Process
7.Pure Hatred

I didn't even listen to Atreyu I was with the guys getting pissed when they played Bon Jovi at a metal show. Anyways Hatebreed was next and they tore it up nice pits. Jamey went off on how no one has a bigger heart then us.

1.Everyone Bleeds Now
2.In Ashes They Shall Reap
3.Live for This
4.Destroy Everything
6.Tear It Down
7.To the Threshold
8.Smash Your Enemies
10.As Diehard as They Come
12.I Will Be Heard

Skipped In This Moment found my seats where my friend and Brother were both Korn Fans. Five Finger Death Punch was on and very entertaing saw a few fights and pits. But is was nothing like the next act Lamb Of God lets just say it was Mayhem out their. Their was 6 pits and a Wall Of Death at one point. Very awesome show wish they played more.

Intro. The Passing
1.In Your Words
2.Set to Fail
3.Walk With Me In Hell
4.Now You've Got Something To Die For
5.Laid to Rest
7.Black Label

Now for Rob Zombie not a huge fan of his music but he put on the best show of the night. He blew my mind. Oh and Korn sucked just as I predicted. All in all a very fun day you can expect me their next year.
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