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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Just a few cases for DOD being their second best:
1) Best lyrics of any Maiden album as a whole.
2) Most variety of any Reunion Era disc.
3) Paschendale is their third-best song ever.
4) Every song is very good - that's 11 very good songs, more than any other Maiden album can boast.

There are others, but I'm tired/brain-zapped.
I think I can understand all of those, but a few things I'd like to say.

Variety only matters if the change up songs are good. Variety for variety's sake sucks.
I'd say its on the least memorable side of Maiden disks
It's a shame because Paschendale is probably their best reunion song.
Wildest Dreams pisses me off
The two songs between Dance of Death and Paschendale almost always put me to sleep.
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