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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
He's everyone's favourite whipping boy for a reason. And it could have been anybody and I would have said the same thing (minus the fluoride comment maybe). I don't think my comment was overly offensive or insulting anyway.
No it wasn't insulting or offensive at all. The point is, Indestructible will continue to say stuff on here that you can rightfully tell him off on but this wasn't one of those times.

There are plenty of members in this dream setlist section that post different sets from the same band. Have you ever seen one of the Iron Maiden threads here? You can't have the double standard of calling out someone for making a set that was different from the first one they posted and then not call everyone else out who has done the same thing.

All you were trying to do was make fun of Indestructible because of his bad track record here even though he didn't say anything in this thread to warrant that.
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