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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
I go to all the trouble to add hyperlinks to every gig report I've done in the last year, and you can't even be bothered to click on one of them?!?


No, but seriously, they didn't play "Generation of Ghosts". Wish they had, but as you know their songs are long and they had already played a full hour or more. At least we got "Hate and Heartache" and "A Beautiful Corpse" (as a mash-up with "A Vivid Chaos" ). I love "Quietly", don't you? It's MotA's masterpiece at the moment.

EDIT: It would have been extra awesome if they had played "Generation of Ghosts" and Julie Christmas were to have popped out from backstage to do her vocal parts.
Haha sorry, I was really tired last night so I just seen Mouth of the Architect, typed my comment, then passed out! But yeah, Quietly is amazing, I would love to hear any of it live., but Generation is my favorite, so dark and haunting. I would imagine, in a small venue, dim lighting and the right kinda backdrop these guys would be heavier than any death metal band you care to name!
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