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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
Seeing them on april 20th I know they may not play everything I want to hear so as long as they play This Godless Endeavor and Dreaming Neon Black Ill be fine.

Intro: Holocaust Of Thought
1 Inside Four Walls
2 This Sacrament
3 The Termination Proclamation
4 Your Poison Throne
5 Final Product
6 C.B.F
7 And The Maiden Spoke
8 Next in Line
9 Deconstruction
10 Matricide
11 The River Dragon Has Come
12 Dreaming Neon Black
13 Moonrise
14 Born

15 I Voyager
16 Medicated Nation
17 This godless Endeavor

18 Dead Heart In A Dead World
Dude, you just posted a setlist a few months ago which doesn't resemble this one in the slightest. Are you drinking too much fluoride?
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