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Seeing them on april 20th I know they may not play everything I want to hear so as long as they play This Godless Endeavor and Dreaming Neon Black Ill be fine.

Intro: Holocaust Of Thought
1 This Sacrament
2 Inside Four Walls
3 The Termination Proclamation
4 Your Poison Throne
5 Final Product
6 C.B.F
7 And The Maiden Spoke
8 Next in Line
9 Deconstruction
10 Cenopath
11 Optimist or Pessimist
12 The Day You Built The Wall
13 We Disintegrate
14 Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday
15 Emptiness Unobstructed
16 The River Dragon Has Come
17 Dreaming Neon Black
18 Moonrise
19 Born

20 I Voyager
21 Medicated Nation
22 This godless Endeavor

23 The Seven Tongues of God
24 Dead Heart In A Dead World

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