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Originally Posted by Wizzbang11 View Post
Yeah see I just d/l'd it when it first leaked. Not that great. Better than some 90s Sodom.
Yeah I just love the thrash stuff on there. Some of the slower songs like The Art of Killing Poetry are cool too but I haven't really liked a Sodom cd in so long that I might have been kinda fanboy-ish on it.

As far as the list if you said I'd think Deftones would write and record the best cd of 2010 I would have laughed in your face. I haven't been a fan in years even though I think the song Passenger with Maynard is incredible and as good as many Tool songs, I've been going heavier in my tastes. I know many people on here bash Deftones and have never even heard the cd and if that makes them more metal then good for them.

I don't remember your list but I think you were the only person with Funerot who I think are great. I like anything fast and thrashy and they have a cool punk edge than brings back memories of Mentors and Venom. They would have been in my Top 35 for sure.
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