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Originally Posted by Wizzbang11 View Post
And no one noticed Sodom because it's coming out in 5 days.
Fuckin pirates man..

hahahah too funny. That does help explain why no one has heard it. Actually when I got it off ebay back in November there were 30+ copies on there. I got the digipak with the live show for $17.99. When I saw that setlist of the live dvd I had to have it. One Step Over the Line is great live and since I wore out Mortal Way of Live to death back in the day I wanted to hear updated versions of Christ Passion and the other gems. The production on the new dvd smokes the older version but I still enjoy both.

As far as the cd goes Hellfire is my favorite Sodom song since Napalm in the Morning. It sounds like it could be on Tapping the Vein to me. My buddy thought it was Slayer when he 1st heard it. Tom does have an Araya-ish delivery on several tracks including Hellfire. Other songs like Storm raging Up and Knarrenheinz seem like they would be incredible live. Man I wish I got to see these guys last year.
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