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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
This board is a fuckton less divided than it used to be. It's starting to be more of a centralized group of people with a few outliers, rather than just a whole bunch of cliques.
Well said. I just think there is less hating overall and people respect each others opinions even if they don't always agree.

I'll admit I enjoy a healthy debate every now and have never bagged on a band I didn't at least give a few listens to. Bands like Ludicra, The Ocean & Alcest came so highly recommended from so many people that I was sure I'd like them. They just didn't click for me. On the other hand bands like Bison BC, Black Breath, Hellish Crossfire & Aeon were barely mentioned or recommended to me and blew me away.

Some bands just made such bad 1st impressions on me that I didn't give them a fair chance. Had the song Alley Cat not been my 1st exposure to Seventh Wonder I probably would have liked that cd much more. I'm trying to judge cd's as a work of art and 1 terrible song is worse than 2 average filler songs to me.
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