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Oh, and yay for IntrOnaut! It's about time they got some love on here.

Likewise for Triptykon (although that's not really surprising), Watain, The Sword, Atheist and Immolation (although Aeon's latest album was better ).

Some of you guys are really missing out on some dandies, though - for example, The Ocean, Lair of the Minotaur and Kvelertak. Especially for those last two - I don't see how a metal fan could not like those albums on some level...they are just so damned awesome (and fun!).

...and too bad for Kylesa. Their new album doesn't hit the bullseye as directly as Static Tensions did, but it really is a grower and worthy of some big love. I think they'll get snubbed a ton this year - not just on here but by critics in general - because people's expectations got all jacked up due to Static Tensions.

...and BTW, if you liked Watain, you may also want to check out Lightning Swords of Death. If you liked The Sword, you should definitely check out Karma to Burn. If you liked Atheist, the new Decrepit Birth is quite good as well. Finally, if you liked Immolation...well, you already know what you need to do there.
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