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can't make it official since I'm not in charge. but this is what I got. not counting a couple lists that weren't numbered.

1. Iron Maiden
2. Blind Guardian
3. agalloch
4. Triptykon
5. overkill
6. deftones
7. high on fire
8. enslaved
9. nevermore
10. alcest

11. watain
12. the sword
13. IntrOnaut
14. Ihsahn
15. Avantasia
16. Atheist
17. fear factory
18. The Dillinger Escape Plan
19. Immolation
20. Ludicra

call them my 90% positive predictions. since this is Mank's show. If posting this makes me a dick... sorry. Everyone else was guessing based on observation of the votes... I just happened to be a bit obsessive about keeping track. so there are my thoughts on it.
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