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Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post
Surprised by the placement of quite a few of these, actually. High on Fire at 1, no Cloudkicker, GIAA at 17. You always know how to throw us a curveball, Nat.
I was as surprised as anyone to see High on Fire at #1 - seriously. If you read my reviews of that and Ludicra, though - you,ll understand better. Snakes for the Divine is just such an ass-kicker and so consistent...I played it so fucking much this past year there's just no way I couldn't put it at #1 without being a total fucking hypocrite, as strongly as I feel about Ludicra (which is the exact same thing that happened in 2008 with Burst and Meshuggah).

...and Cloudkicker was a late entry for me. Given more time, it would have been higher for sure. GIAA may not have placed in my top ten, but it's in my top twenty...and my list is gonna have around fifty albums in it, so that's not a low ranking whatsoever. Have patience, my friend. More will be revealed, as they say...
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