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Originally Posted by Allan
This all sounds very shitty. I have never seen a Nazi gang at a metal gig before. Amazing and sad.
When Turkey, Bouville and I went to Gwar in Santa Cruz, I saw more neonazis and skinheads than I have ever seen in one place at one time before. It scared the living shit out of me. I also saw quite a few at Slipknot (20-30) in San Jose. I don't know what draws these POSs to certain metal bands, but nonetheless they seem to show up from time to time and then proceed to ruin everyone else's good time.

I was a white supremacist/"gang" specialist as a part of my job in Idaho for years, and I admit that I am rather amazed at the tolerance shown to these groups here in the Bay Area. I don't know if that reflects the general degree of this area's tolerance in general, or if people here are just more afraid of them and so they don't say/do anything. I ::do:: know that if any such group showed up at a gig in Idaho, someone would call the police and that group would be tossed out if they so much as raised an eyebrow, much less made nazi salutes.

Allan is right, BTW: on private property, no one "has" to put up with that shit and the HOB should have thrown them out. I am very offended on Hecho's behalf and so I am going to write them a letter today that explains this as well as outlines their legal obligations on both issues. I strongly suggest that if anyone sees any such "bad" behavior that they report it immediately to the security officers and make sure you impress upon them the level of your displeasure and your feelings of offense. While private businesses/clubs have no obligation to facilitate the expression of First Amendment rights, especially when they are likely to incite violence, they DO have a legal obligation to not participate in/facilitate a hostile environment for racial minorities. (Contact me if you want the case cites.)

And finally: Hecho, my good friend, and for the record, the vast majority of people in this country (regardless of race, sex, etc.) hate those fucking racist motherfuckers and wish nothing but death and destruction on them. I think that people are just too scared of them to say/do anything (and generally with good reason).
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