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And here's the top 10:
10.Allen/Lande - the Showdown
Favorite Songs: The Showdown, The Guardian, We Will Rise Again
Well, it's a Magnus Karlsson album, that much is obvious. I actually was surprised by how fresh this album sounds and feels. The hooks are as present as ever, and the heaviness is perfectly executed when needed. Of course both vocalists perform outstandingly, but Jorn's solo songs outshine Russell's.

09.Creation's End - A New Beginning
Favorite Songs: Forsaken, World Holocaust, Of Shadow and Flame
Definitely the "Debut Album of 2010". So much talent is on display here, from the amazing vocals of Mike Dimeo to the outstanding shredding of Marco Sfogli, to the fantastic songwriting and surprising progressive elements. This album is crushingly heavy yet manages to stay very interesting and very melodic when it wants to be. Another definite "grower". This really blew me away.

08.Wuthering Heights - Salt
Favorite Songs: The Desperate Poet, Weather the Storm, Lost at Sea
Wuthering Heights dish out an outstanding batch of Prog/Power tunes with a great folky/piratey overtone. Nils Patrik Johansson's weird voice is at its very best here, and I think overall this is probably the group's strongest effort to date.

07.Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier
Favorite Songs: Starblind, The Talisman, The Alchemist
Well, a new Iron Maiden album is always an interesting topic of discussion. To keep it short, I think this is less consistent than it's predecessor, A Matter of Life and Death, as it has a couple of tracks I'm not in love with. That being said, my hat is off to the band for really breaking the mold of the previous reunion albums, and turning in more fast, upbeat, shorter numbers than they have in years.

06.DGM - Synthesis
Favorite songs: Just Like Before, Dreamland, Is Hell Without Love?

I normally wouldn't consider this eligible for this list, but according to the top 10 voting thread's rules, any full-length release of new studio recordings is eligible, so even though this is 80% of re-recordings, I can include it. Man does it deliver. DGM has undergone some lineup changes in the last 3-4 years so they decided to rerecord a lot of older material with the current lineup, in addition to including 2 brand new songs. The whole band is on fire, and this disc absolutely rules from start to finish. If anyone has ever wanted to check this band out, do it with this.

05.Labyrinth - Return to Heaven Denied II
Favorite Songs: A Paiting on the Wall, The Shooting Star
A comeback like this is pretty miraculous. Labyrinth's previous album, "6 Days to Nowhere" sucked, pretty hard, too. And they managed to not only return fully to their classic sound/style, but make an album that quite honestly might be their best one yet.

04.Seventh Wonder - The Great Escape

Favorite Songs: King of Whitewater, The Great Escape, Move on Through
One of the most anticipated Progressive Metal releases in recent years, and it did not disappoint. Every part of this album rules - every note, every phrase... it's just perfect. But then again, the last 1 or 2 Seventh Wonder discs were the exact same way, so I should not be surprised. Also, this band is now finally on the way to getting the respect they deserve.

03.Blind Guardian - At the Edge of Time
Favorite Songs: Sacred Worlds, A Voice in the Dark, Wheel of Time
Blind Guardian are without a doubt one of the most respected names in the Power Metal genre, and they proved their mettle once again with this album, far surpassing its predecessor, "A Twist in the Myth". An almost perfect crossroads of all facets of their styles throughout the years. Great symphonic elements, acoustic elements, and absolute thrashy heaviness.

02.Silent Call - Greed
Favorite Songs: I Am My Nation, Every Day, Dream Tomorrow, The Wages of Greed
Just about every possible flaw with their impressive debut "Creations From a Chosen Path" has been corrected here, and Silent Call have established that they are a Progressive Metal force to be reckoned with. Amazing songwriting and stellar vocals from Andi Kravljaka. The sky is the limit for these guys.

01.Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony
Favorite Songs: The Wicked Symphony, Runaway Train, States of Matter
I fucking love Avantasia, this is pretty common knowledge to most people who know me. I think Tobias Sammet's songwriting these days is the ultimate combination of instant satisfaction through catchy melodies and lovable staying power. Most of these songs have already become part of my musical make-up. I don't look at them as "new songs", they're just songs I love. I continue to sing the praises of Tobi's Scarecrow saga, and this is probably my favorite of all 3 albums within it. The vocal performances are

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