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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Astral Doors
Lions Share
Divided Multitude
Symphony X
Circle II Circle
Yes, these, plus here's a few others:
Circus Maximus (guy has a big range, but has a really amazing low register he uses a lot on ballads and stuff)
Kamelot (Khan is pretty much the poster child for a power metal vocalist with a low(er) range)
Iron Savior
Wuthering Heights (Same vocalist as Astral Doors/Lion's Share)

More progressive metal bands that have lower-range vocalists:
Evergrey (Tom S. Englund is one of my favorite singers period)
Later Fates Warning/Redemption (Ray Alder )

and Circle II Circle also translates to Zak Stevens-fronted Savatage

Oh, and you might want to try Sinner. It's more hard rock-ish stuff, but Mat Sinner has a pretty low voice.

Also the new Avantasia albums have a lot of deeper vocalists for a power metal album, and Tobias Sammet's vocal range is deepening over time.
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