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20.Triosphere - The Road Less Traveled
Favorite Songs: Twenty One, Driven, The Human Condition
Definitely my favorite CD of 2010 by a female-fronted band. This is absolutely fantastic Melodic Metal with some great Progressive touches. Ida Haukland sounds very comparable to Doro Pesch, meaning a female vocalist that actually brings it. I really, really enjoy this disc.

19.Accept - Blood of the Nations
Favorite Songs: Teutonic Terror, The Abyss, No Shelter
A comeback that almost no one thought was possible. There are people out there who won't even give this a shot because of no UDO, but they are missing out on one of the best "True Metal" albums in the past several years.

18.Darkwater - Where Stories End
Favorite Songs: A Fools Utopia, Without a Sound, In the Blink of an Eye
Darkwater's second effort is making them a bit of a force to be reckoned with in the blossoming genre of Melodic Prog Metal (see: Seventh Wonder, Circus Maximus). Great hooks, great songwriting, great playing. Overall a really strong album.

17.White Wizzard - Over the Top
Favorite Songs: 40 Deuces, Over the Top, Out of Control
An incredible 80s metal throwback that stylistically is like a marriage of Iron Maiden circa 1984 and Riot circa 1988. Any fan of classic metal should absolutely love this. It's in your face and unapologetically kick-ass.

16.Sinbreed - When Worlds Collide
Favorite Songs: Book of Life, Newborn Tomorrow, Dust to Dust
About the very best that relatively generic Power/Speed metal can be. Features Blind Guardian drummer Fredrik Ehmke.

15.Powerworld - Human Parasite
Favorite Songs: Cleansed By Fire, Time Will Change
I actually haven't heard their debut album, and really only checked this out because of the involvement of ex-Threshold vocalist Andrew "Mac" McDermont. I'm very glad I did though, as it's some outstanding stuff. Overall, just fantastically executed Melodic Metal. Great catchy songs. Enough said.

14.Myrath - Desert Call
Favorite Songs: No Turning Back, Empty World, Tempests of Sorrow
Outstanding Progressive Metal from Tunisia. This band has an absolutely brilliant sound which perfectly marries Arabic musical elements with absolutely fantastic Progressive Metal. I think the vocalist takes a little while to get used to, but aside from that, an absolutely outstanding CD from start to finish.

13.Dreyelands - Rooms of Revelation
Favorite Songs: Room 6: Blossoms of Decay, Room 7: Vain, Room 5: Way to You
A great Progressive Metal debut album. If this band continues to expand on this, they will become frighteningly great. The vocals remind me a lot of Mats Leven, which is a very good thing. Great playing, great melodies, but the songwriting could use a little work I think. Nevertheless, as I said, it's an incredible debut album.

12.Avantasia - Angel of Babylon
Favorite Songs: Stargazers, Journey to Arcadia, Death is Just a Feeling
The lesser of the two 2010 Avantasia discs, this definitely has its share of outstanding tracks and performances. However, it sadly has a couple of obvious filler tracks, that weigh down the overall album even though I keep coming back to it for what I love about it.

11.Vanden Plas - The Seraphic Clockwork
Favorite Songs: The Final Murder, Rush of Silence
Even at #10, this album was a slight disappointment, as Christ 0 is my favorite Vanden Plas record. The focus is more on the overall big picture, and less on the individual songs. Nevertheless, it is a Vanden Plas album, and a fantastic one at that. Definitely will grow on you with repeated listens.
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