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Ghoul -- San Antonio, TX -- December 10th, 2010

A little late I know, sorry about that.

I've been wanting to see Ghoul for so many years now, I missed Impaled back in 08' & I knew seeing Ghoul was the closest I was going to get to seeing Impaled for quite some time. It was a huge 2 day metal festival in San Antonio & I mainly went for Ghoul, knowing they hardly ever play anywhere, I had to go.

Ghoul put on an amazing show, they had the crowd going pretty crazy. Though I was sad they hardly played any older songs. I met Cremator AKA Ross Sewage, after the show. He said Ghoul hardly plays anywhere cus they're not a very successful band which kinda sucks. I had completely forgotten to ask about what Impaled was up to & when was Ghoul's next album coming out considering they played a new song. But I was just in shock mostly for meeting Ross. Wish I could've met Sean as well but maybe next time!

[Setlist might be slightly out of order.]

Into The Catacombs
Bury The Hatchet
Mutant Mutilator
Graveyard Mosh
Gutbucket Blues
*New Song*
Rise, Killbot, Rise
As Your Casket Closes
Kids In America
6.3 - Deftones
7.22 - A Perfect Circle
7.23 - AllStars Tour
8.20 - Summer Slaughter
10.4 - Opeth/Katatonia
11.18-20 - Goregrowler's Ball
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