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some more honorable mentions.

Triptykon- Eparistera Daimonos

The first time I heard this album, I wasn't impressed. I hadn't touched it until my brother bought it a week ago. It was in the car already, so I thought, why the hell not? WOW. This shit is HEAVY. It's a little on the weird side, though. Not a bad thing, but I can't get into it as much as others can.

Ghost- Opus Eponymous

Perhaps the "Traditional metal" tag threw me off... I was expecting something like Maiden or Priest (not that those bands are bad, obviously, but I don't want to hear new bands doing what they did. Naturally, this does not apply to thrash). But no. This stuff is trippy and psychedelic as hell. The vocals are definitely offbeat but for some odd reason I like them a lot. Check out the song "Death's Kneel."
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