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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
On the topic of bands continiuing without the members who made them what they are, I think it's best if they change their name like what Black Sabbath and Sublime did. New Exodus and Cannibal Corpse dont come of as cover bands to me because they still have their most important song writers. If Alex Webster or Gary Holt continued on with new bands they would probably just sound like Exodus and CC.
Ozzy had to leave Sabbath because he was going insane. Dio came and gave us two extremely classic albums, just listen to his scream on "The Mob Rules". Besides, Ozzy's solocareer in the eighties wasn't unsuccesful so to speak. And no, Sabbath wasn't his backing band as some seem to think.

The Derrick Green era of Sepultura doesn't sell, and while I admire the loyality of some fans, I don't like much of Sep's music with him.
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