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Originally Posted by petrovar View Post
Ohio Sky opened, along with my buddy's band Solipsist, who are the best up and coming metal band in town.

The new Chimaira bass player was awesome too. Chimaira was spot on all night. Merry Christmas!!!
Ohio Sky = wtf? I thought I was watching Coheed and Cambria, but without musical skill. Solipsist were absolutely awesome, my first time ever hearing them. I was moved by their performance so much that I bought a T-shirt afterwards. We need more metal bands like them in today's scene!

And, to my pleasant surprise, Chimaira's bass player was indeed Emil Werstler from Daath! He's such a great guitarist, and he tore it up with the bass. I hope he stays with Daath though, but he would make a sick new bassist for Chimaira.
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