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Originally Posted by loganarchy View Post
Didn't you say you just moved to Chicago, too? I imagine Chicago would have the better metal scene... do tell!

Anyways, I decided I'm probably not going to that school near Cleveland, even if I do get accepted. However, I'm applying to Northwestern
You would be surprised. I mean, by no means is the scene bad here, it's just nothing like Cleveland. Shows I've seen so far at Reggies aren't that packed, and it doesn't even begin to fill until the main act gets on. At peabody's, people pack the venue for the local bands, even before the official opening acts. I will say that living in the city, It's real easy to get to most of the venues in Chicago by public transportation.

Originally Posted by petrovar View Post
2. Cleveland has one of the best metal scenes in the country. The local bands thrive here. National bands play here all the time and love it because what's more metal than a depressed old industrial town in the middle of America with a crumbling infrastructure? It's pretty brutal here.
So true. Chicago is more hip, young, cool and wealthy, resulting in a HUGE indie rock and club scene. It's those pissed of lower class workers in Cleveland that make metal thrive.
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