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Best Surprise openers
DFA for Poison Idea
The Golers for Toxic
Low Threat Profile for Weekend Nachos
Mammoth Grinder for Weekend Nachos
Sorrower for Goat Wizard
Nails for COC

Worst performances

Kid Cudi - I was extremely excited to see Kid Cudi on the SSMF, but was only able to catch one song. That asshole named Common decided to take 60 minutes longer than needed to set up, causing Kid Cudi to go on an hour late, which was 5 minutes before Smashing Pumpkins went on. I was let down when I missed him perform Erase Me, Pursuit of Happiness and Day N Night.

Meat Shits - I was excited to see the Meat Shits again after a long time of them not performing out here. They set up and I think to myself, whereís Rob? They start and the old bassist was doing lead vocals and Rob is no where to be found. They sounded like shit that night. I later find out that Rob is no longer in the band. They band needs to stop performing at this point.

Bastard Noise - I love Bastard Noise to death, but that night was awful! I was a hot summer night, over 100 degrees outside. There is no air conditioning at the Blvd, only a few ceiling fans. This show was over capacity, so there was a few hundred people crammed in that tiny room. I was just standing still and felt sweat pour off of my like rain. It was soo hot and uncomfortable in there. Then they spent a good 30 minutes sound checking and it was just pure feedback, so I was not having it. They finally went on to perform an awesome set, but I was just so uncomfortable that I hated it.

Bad Religion - Bad Religion is one of my favorite bands. I saw them in March/April perform some of the best sets they have done in years. 30 songs a night for the 30 years of Bad Religion. First night I saw them, my wallet was stolen 4 songs in, so I spent the rest of the set bummed out and didnít get to enjoy it. I later found my wallet with my ID and Debit Card missing, so that sucked. I saw them again at the Epicenter fest in Fontana. It was hot as fuck out and they only performed 30 minutes. The set was mostly radio hits and new songs off the cd that was to come out two days later. Suffer and Do What you Want were the only songs pre Generator that they performed that day, it was god awful.

Nile - I love Nile, but they picked a shitty selection of songs to play that night. I felt like I was being punished as I sat through the set. They kept playing the slow, heavy songs. When I see Nile, I expect the fast shit and maybe two slow songs, not 4 or 5.

Poison Idea - Worst performance of the year! I was stoked to find out they were coming to town and performing on Easter. It was perfect cause my work was closed that day, so I was going for sure. I got there early cause I figured it was going to sell out, since they havenít played in a long ass time. I got there after the doors were suppose to open and the workers for the Blvd werenít even there yet, I was there alone. After an hour, the place opened up. I waited and waited and finally Poison Idea hit the stage. It was obvious the singer never practices with the band cause he didnít remember the songs and told the band to start and he would sing along if he remembered it. He was focused more on opening his beers during the short set than singing. When he did sing, he just mumbled, it was awful. Donít ever see them live!

Kesha - Yes I saw Kesha perform. Yes I missed an Exodus show to see Kesha haha. I actually went cause I got a free ticket and I like a few of her songs and B.O.B. was headlining and I like a few of his songs, so I figured I would go for shits and giggles. Well, I regret going cause seeing her live was the most awkward experience I have ever had in my life. There were underage girls all over the place. Kesha was throwing condoms at the crowd cause it was an Aids awareness show, found this out when I got there haha. I never want to listen to her again after that awful experience haha
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