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5. Megadeth at Gibson - Universal Studios, CA: Best Megadeth set I have seen so far. They out performed Slayer that night by far. Not only was I happy to see RIP performed for the third time this year, they dropped that shitty A Tout Le Monde and replaced it with Kerry King performing Rattlehead with them.

4. Roger Waters at Honda Center - Anaheim, CA: The Wall is one of my favorite albums and seeing it performed live was a must. I was able to score floor tickets, dead center, 20 rows back. The perfect spot to enjoy this show. Words canít describe how epic that show was. Too bad Gilmore didnít come out and perform Comfortably Numb, but I knew that wasnít going to happen.

3. Saint Vitus at UV Lounge - Lincoln Heights, CA: One of the highlights of my life. Seeing these legends has been a dream for years. Being able to sing along to Dying Inside was such an epic moment. That night had a special surprise for LA, Scott Reager came out and performed Burial at Sea with them during the encore. It was the closest thing to an original line up performance. RIP Acosta, too bad his health was too poor for him to perform as well that night.

2. Muse at Mandolay Bay - Las Vegas, NV: Such a great time. My friend and I drove up to Vegas cause we werenít about to spend $270 on a Coachella ticket for Muse. We got drunk as fuck and walked 5 miles down Las Vegas Blvd to the show. It was an amazing performance. They played a great set, could have included more songs I love, but it was still great. I almost creamed myself when they played the Voodoo Chile riff. This is one show I will never forget. The only let down was missing Silversun Pickups set that night.

1. Hank III and Assjack at the Roxy - Hollywood, CA: Like I said earlier, Hank III is my favorite musician. I look forward to him coming to town each year. This was the 3rd time seeing him live. If you arenít familiar with his shows, he starts off with around 90 minutes of outlaw country. This is a very confusing time for people seeing him live for the first time because there is a circle pit during the country set. Iíve never seen someone play Cocaine Blues and have a circle pit to accompany it. He then performs a 30 minute Hellbilly set, followed by 45 minutes of metal. He always does a fun medley in the middle of the country set that includes Slayer, Sepultura, Melvins, Cro Mags and more covers in there. After the show, he will get off stage and do a meet and greet for over an hour. Good times.
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