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Vegantopher's review of 2010

Hereís my review of 2010. I didnít buy too many new releases of the year, so it is difficult to make a top list of them. I mainly focused on going to concerts during the year, went to around 50+. The first part of my review will be to review the few 2010 releases I bought, followed by a review of the concerts I went to. Iím going to keep this open to all genres of music cause I listen to everything between old school bluegrass to crust to pop, as long as its good I will listen to it.

2010 Releases:

Low Threat Profile - Low Threat Profile: This is the best release of 2010 IMO, if not the best power violence record ever released. This ep is only 7 minutes long, but it contains around 10 or so tracks of pure violence. This band features Andy from No Comment/Man is the Bastard on lead vocals. This band has been around for almost 20 years, yet they finally played their first show over the summer. They are suppose to release a full length soon, canít wait.

Hank III - The Rebel Within: I love Hank III. He is my favorite musician of all time. This is his 5th country record to be released on Curb Records. The title track is one of my favorite tracks to sing along to, take a listen and you will probably agree. Gettingí Drunk and Falliní Down and Drinkiní Ainít Hard to Do are some great songs to drink to. Tore Up and Loud is a unique song because it is the only country song I know that features double kick pedal on the drums and a heavy riff at the end, any metal head would love that song. #5 is the slow depressing song that Hank III wrote with Jimmy Bower about heroin.

Arson Anthem - Insecurity Notoriety: One of the best hardcore albums I have heard in a long time. Features Mike Williams on vocals, Phil Anselmo on guitar and Hank III on drums. This is their first full length and is a great improvement on the ep they released a year or two ago. This record is definitely for anyone who loves music that is aggressive as fuck.

MGMT - Congratulations: I know there will be hate for this one, but its fucking great! They left their poppy sound from the Oracular Spectacular album and went to more of an indie/space rock sound. This album reminds me of something Pink Floyd would write. That Brian Eno song on there is catchy as fuck too.

Exodus - Exibit B: Another great release by this trash legend. My favorite songs on it are Burn Hollywood Burn and Class Dismissed, too bad they never play those songs live.

Sage Francis - LI(F)E: Sage is one of the best rappers IMO. This record is more of a rock album if anything, but still is great. Little Houdini and The Best of Times are some of the best songs this year. The Best of Times was a great song for Sage to end his career on.

Bad Religion - The Dissent of Man: I donít know what to say. Bad Religion is one of my top 5 favorite bands. I love their first 6 albums dearly, but this album was the biggest let down ever. It was god awful. The first song is great, then the rest was boring as shit. They need to stop making new music and focus on playing better shows.
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