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Metallica -- Detroit, MI -- January 13th, 2009

Well this is my first thread and I thought id review my favorite concert ive been too. The Sword, Machine Head, and Metallica were playing. When we got to Joe Louis Arena the gates were opened we had seats so I didn't have to worry about getting their early.

First up was The Sword who was new too me. I didn't really know any songs other then the ones I heard on the internet. They were pretty good but didn't really catch my attention. Here is their set.

1.The Sundering
2.Barael's Blade
3.How Heavy This Axe
4.Maiden, Mother & Crone
5.Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians
6.Iron Swan

Machine Head was next first time seeing them. I heard so much good things about them. I love their new album. They tore it up had about three nice pits that i saw. They also played a badass cover of Hallowed Be Thy Name.

1.Clenching the Fists of Dissent
3.Beautiful Mourning
4.Hallowed Be Thy Name
(Iron Maiden cover)

Finally the main reason I came, the metal legends Metallica. They played a awesome set. The song of the night was Creeping Death for me. Had awesome light show and stage setup. The pit was massive from where my seats were.

The Ecstasy of Gold
(Ennio Morricone cover)
1.That Was Just Your Life
2.The End of the Line
3.Creeping Death
4.For Whom the Bell Tolls
6.Broken, Beat & Scarred
8.Sad But True
9.Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
10.All Nightmare Long
11.The Day That Never Comes
12.Master of Puppets
13.Damage Inc.
14.Nothing Else Matters
15.Enter Sandman
16.Last Caress
(Misfits cover)
(Budgie cover)
18.Seek & Destroy

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