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Originally Posted by ShatteredFlame View Post
The only reason I would look at lists is to find some new music to listen. Lists that just have the same material are just pointless to me, I don't need to read about how great the new Deftones, Triptykon, Overkill etc. are over and over again when I could be listening to something deserving that was sadly ignored.

Another thing is a lot of praised stuff are mostly for undeserving reasons imo. A part of the reason that Deftones release is praised is because it was released by the band Deftones, a band that was known to put out shitty releases and now finally puts out something decent. Overkill, Heathen, and Maiden come from old school fans. As for debuts the hot things were Kverltak(whatever) who were mostly noticed just for their cover artist. Then Shining who were mostly noticed because they picked the band name Shining (I even checked them out for that reason, album was pretty good luckily).
I saw more obscure shit on that Metal Sucks list than anywhere. If people read that entire post without focusing in on Deftones or 2009 releases I think they would discover some real gems in there. I already have.
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