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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
It's funny when I think of the term Hipster, Brooklyn Vegan is almost spot on. My brother is a Manhattan Pseudo-Vegan and he is as Hipster as it gets. hahaha

To me great music is never cliche. Following a fad because others are is cliche and I've seen a lot of that this year. I think it's good to see people who know music giving credit to something so incredible that came from tragedy and is great start to finish.

Personally I find it way more interesting to see what someone who lives, eats and breathes music thinks than someone who lives in their parents basement and worships Tony Danza Tap Dance thinks. To each his own though.

I do find all the differing opinions interesting. This one actually impressed me more than any so far I think:
The only reason I would look at lists is to find some new music to listen. Lists that just have the same material are just pointless to me, I don't need to read about how great the new Deftones, Triptykon, Overkill etc. are over and over again when I could be listening to something deserving that was sadly ignored.

Another thing is a lot of praised stuff are mostly for undeserving reasons imo. A part of the reason that Deftones release is praised is because it was released by the band Deftones, a band that was known to put out shitty releases and now finally puts out something decent. Overkill, Heathen, and Maiden come from old school fans. As for debuts the hot things were Kverltak(whatever) who were mostly noticed just for their cover artist. Then Shining who were mostly noticed because they picked the band name Shining (I even checked them out for that reason, album was pretty good luckily).
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