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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
I've hated Deftones ever since first hearing White Pony. Their whiny, sloppily-behind-the-beat music has no place in metal whatsoever. I was also forced to suffer in high school as the local band covered the shit out of Adrenaline. Radiohead and metal do not and should not mix.
I'm not even a Deftones fan and I know generalizations like this are miles from useful.

Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
By that definition on this site it would be Agalloch. Did you scour the lists and see guys with a total genre of music and Agalloch? I know Brad called one of them out early but I've seen several others also.

I have yet to see a black metal list with 9 BM picks and Deftones. Just sayin'
The Agalloch is mad overrated, too, and I'm into that shit.
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