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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
You have such an agenda when you post these lists, bro.

I'm gonna go find a bunch of writers who love Ludicra and make them look as good as the Deftones.
Funny you say that. I actually typed in Man's Gin Best of 2010 to see if anyone else rated it on their list and the Metal Sucks post came up. The same guy also ranked Bison BC who I have been listening to for 5 straight days in his Top 10. Funny how no one saw or commented on that.

The Noisecreep list ranked Shining Blackjazz along with 4 others of my Top 10 which I found amazing and low and behold Deftones happened to be on that list also... Along with Dillinger, Fear Factory & Triptykon who have been locks for my Top 10 for months.

I'm starting to think hating on Deftones is the only cliche' thing going on here. hahaha
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