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I know the songs you're singing saying nothing loud and clear I've heard that song a thousand times
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Bad Ground
Green Man
Dead Again
Halloween in Heaven
We Hate Everyone
Set Me on Fire
Pyretta Blaze
In Praise of Bacchus
September Sun
Everything Dies
Everyone I Love is Dead
I Don't Wanna Be Me
Angry Inch
(We Were)Electrocute
Life is Killing Me
Black Sabbath(From the satanic Perspective)
Unsuccessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infidelity
Love You to Death

---Encore 1---
Drunk in Paris
Cinnamon Girl
My Girlfriends Girlfriend

---Encore 2---
Machine Screw
Christian Woman
Black No.1
4/05 - Carcass
4/11 - 40 Below Summer
4/23 - Kataklysm/Aborted
7/24 - NIN/Soundgarden
8/28 - Linkin Park
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