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Killswitch Engage
All That Remains
Bury Your Dead
36 Crazyfists
The World We Knew

THE WORLD WE KNEW: (6:30 - 7:00)
Grand Destroyer
Living a Lie
The Write Off
King of the Ring
Set Your Sights
Behind the Scenes
To the Wolves

36 CRAZYFISTS: (7:15 - 7:45)
In the Midnights
The All Night Lights
I'll Go Until My Heart Stops
We Gave it Hell

BURY YOUR DEAD: (8:00 - 8:35)
Broken Body
Sympathy Orchestra
House of Straw
Vanilla Sky
Twelfth Stroke of Midnight
Fever Dream
Top Gun
Hurting Not Helping
The Color of Money
Eyes Wide Shut
Losin' It

ALL THAT REMAINS: (8:55 - 9:55)
Now Let Them Tremble
For We Are Many
Before the Damned
The Weak Willed
Aggresive Opposition
Dead Wrong
The Air That I Breathe
We Stand
For Salvation
This Calling
Two Weeks
This Darkened Heart

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: (10:25 - 11:45)
My Last Serenade
A Bid Farewell
This is Absolution
Eye of the Storm
Take This Oath
When Darkness Falls
Life to Lifeless
Starting Over
The End of Heartache
A Light in a Darkened World
Vide Infra
The Arms of Sorrow
My Curse
Rose of Sharyn
Fixation on the Darkness
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