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Originally Posted by Blackened12 View Post
That's pretty cool man, I like American Head Charge. I play guitar as a main instrument but I got a drum set (which is actually probably too nice for someone my skill level ) and have played around with it a little bit. I've seen you play in some of your vids and was pretty impressed, do you have any tips about the maybe the best/fastest way to get better? Or how to practice double pedal technique?
I dig American Head Charge a little bit, but my guitarist constantly gives him shit about it. Benji can play Satriani riffs out the ass, but he was in American Head Charge. I guess whatever sell.s I am supposedly suppose to play on his solo album, but that was 2 years ago, so my guess is that it won't happen.

Thanks man. My best tip for gaining double bass strength is basically just play along with your favorite songs. That's all I ever did. I never did any outside practice of double bass by just doing 16th/32nd notes for a half ho0ur a day. I just put on my headphones and played along with Opeth, Dream Theater, Metallica, etc.

Gene Hoglan said it best in a recent video interview. Drumming is 90% mental and 10% physical. Once you gain coordination, you can do anything you wanna play as long as you can mentally play it. That's how I can play along with Strapping Young Lad.

So yeah, once you build up the double bass coordination, just play with all your favorite songs, it will become natural.
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