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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
It really is. Myself and Benji Hellwig of American Head Charge are the only guys who have ever played this kit. *My guitarist and Benji are good friends*

But it goes to show you if your not a dick in life, and be good to people and good things can happen to you. It did for me.

I can't wait to start playing live with these drums. The one thing that sucks is most venues I'll be playing at *basically every non-Metal show, which are a lot* I'll have to play with only one bass drum since my cover band's mixer does not have room for two bass drums. But I have a double pedal so it will work out.

2 Bass drums is so different then a double pedal. I'm, still trying to get used to it. I still prefer the feel of a double pedal, but I'm not going to pull a Joey Jordison and have 2 bass drums, but only use a double pedal. That's just poserish.
That's pretty cool man, I like American Head Charge. I play guitar as a main instrument but I got a drum set (which is actually probably too nice for someone my skill level ) and have played around with it a little bit. I've seen you play in some of your vids and was pretty impressed, do you have any tips about the maybe the best/fastest way to get better? Or how to practice double pedal technique?
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