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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I asked my friend what cd's he thought were underrated this year and he said Man's Gin, Red Sparowes & Alcest. I started laughing and informed him that there is little chance Alcest hits any "underrated" lists this year. I know it's been hyped beyond belief since April to me personally but he didn't get into it until September so that made a little more sense. Actually all 3 of those would make my Top 30 but probably in that order. I just really like Man's Gin more than I expected.

Ironically he had never heard of Cobalt and I turned him onto them last year only to have the favor returned with Man's Gin. If it wasn't for him I doubt I would have even heard the cd or known it was conencted to Cobalt in any way. I wonder how many people who loved Cobalt even know about Man's Gin. Do you agree with the Jar of Flies analogy?
Yeah, I honestly hadn't thought of that before but that's a perfect description. It has the same oppressive feel as the heavy Cobalt stuff but through an acoustic lens, which is basically exactly what AIC did on Jar of Flies. Good call dude.
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