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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
I'm in love with both albums even if I prefer Alcest's by a decent amount, but I have no idea how it occurred to you to compare them. They sound nothing alike and have basically polar opposite atmospheres.
I asked my friend what cd's he thought were underrated this year and he said Man's Gin, Red Sparowes & Alcest. I started laughing and informed him that there is little chance Alcest hits any "underrated" lists this year. I know it's been hyped beyond belief since April to me personally but he didn't get into it until September so that made a little more sense. Actually all 3 of those would make my Top 30 but probably in that order. I just really like Man's Gin more than I expected.

Ironically he had never heard of Cobalt and I turned him onto them last year only to have the favor returned with Man's Gin. If it wasn't for him I doubt I would have even heard the cd or known it was conencted to Cobalt in any way. I wonder how many people who loved Cobalt even know about Man's Gin. Do you agree with the Jar of Flies analogy?
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