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GWAR -- New York, NY -- December 26th, 2010

Todd Evans (former Beefcake) band was first. These guys were pretty good when I saw them on the last tour. Their bass player wrote the set down for me. 7/10

Mobile Death Camp:
One Brain
Earth Metal
Point Taken
Vicious Smile
Negative Minds

Infernaeon was next. I got to talk to their singer for a bit before their show started. He was a cool guy. They were also pretty solid, nothing spectacular. All their lyrics are typical anti christianity shit. Nothing against that but it can get pretty monotnous. 7/10

Creeping Death (Metallica cover)
Scar of David

I might have this set mixed up. I copied it from a previous set posted here thinking it would be the same but they actually changed alot of the songs. Their was a good amount of punks their who left after they got off. I've heard complaints about Jorge's voice but it sounds pretty much the same way it does studio to me. They did a wall of death during Riot, which was probably the smallest WOD i've ever seen. Overall they put on a good show. 8/10

The Casualties:
Casualties Army
We Are All We Have
Tomorrow Belongs to Us
Without Warning
Criminal Class
Rise and Fall
Looking Thru Bloodshot Eyes
Heart Bleeds Black
Media Control
Blitzkrieg Bop
Social Outcast
Unknown Soldier

Finally it was time for GWAR. 2 zombies came out on stage and walked around for a bit til the band entered and Oderus knocked off their heads with his broadsword. It was great to hear some older songs this time around, this time we got to hear 8 old songs which is a big improvment over the LiS tour where they only played 2. Another improvment over the last tour was that Oderus was more energetic on stage and interacted with the crowd alot. At one point he mentioned that every fake costume band fucking sucks except for Ghoul. A tour where ghoul opens for gwar would be sweet. Oderus also made sure to thank New York City for killing John Lennon, because he was a faggot. Overall a great show, much better then last time. 9/10

Horror Of Yig (2 zombies get their heads knocked off)
Damnation Under God
Hail, Genocide (Pookie the Wonderdog gets disembowled and sodomized)
Let Us Slay
Vlad the Impaler (Sarah Palin gets torn apart)
Decay of Grandeur
The Private Pain of Sawborg Destructo (Sawborg kills Bonesnapper)
Crack In The Egg
Maggots (Bonesnappers corpse gets torn apart)
Bring Back the Bomb
Metal Metal Land (Lady Gaga in a toilet dress shoots blood out her tits)
Arctic Snow
Beat You To Death (Oderus fights mega Sawborg)


The Bloody Pit Of Horror
I. Zombies March (Oderus shoots his disease ridden cum all over the crowd)
II. Come The Carnivore
III. A Gathering Of Ghouls
IV. Storm Is Coming (The slaves whip out the bile driver)
Sick of You (more bile driver)

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