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Loganarchy's favorite albums of 2010, etc.

The 5 Worst Performances of the Year...

by bands I had already hated/disliked beforehand:

5. Megadeth @ Gwinnett Arena
Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax

I don't particularly dislike Megadeth, I just had no expectations for them after their shitty performance w/ Testament and Exodus. Unlike Slayer, however, I wasnít hoping that I would be pleasantly surprised by their second performance, because I donít really like Megadeth anyway (but like I said, I don't dislike them either). So yeah, Mustaine is a loser, and his vocals have gone down the shitter. Thatís basically it, really.

4. Devin Townsend @ Masquerade- Heaven
Between the Buried and Me, Cynic, Devin Townsend, Scale the Summit

I didnít expect much in the first place, so I canít put this in the Disappointing category, but wow, this guy was bad. Even before he had to use the metronome or whatever, he wasnít very good. Also, my friend, a huge Devy fan, thought he sucked.

3. Howl @ Masquerade- Hell
Every Time I Die, Trap Them, Howl

similar to Zoroaster in terms of loudness (you'll read about that below), but not as loud nor as bad.

2. Bonded by Blood @ Masquerade- Heaven
Exodus, Malevolent Creation, Holy Grail, Bonded by Blood

Decent thrash, I guess, but the vocals absolutely killed it for me.

1. The Faceless @ Masquerade- Heaven
Summer Slaughter

I cannot see how or why people go so crazy over their live shows. They sounded so flat, so weak. I do hate the band, but I was honestly surprised at how fucking bad they were live.

by bands I had never listened to before:

5. Batillus @ Eyedrum
Kowloon Walled City, Batillus

Like Zoroaster, I knew that they were doom metal, which is why I didnít listen to them beforehand. Incredibly loud performance, maybe even louder than Zoroaster. Fortunately, their music was better. (Honestly, once I retreated into the other room and the music wasnít nearly as loud, it actually sounded okay.)

4. Zoroaster @ Criminal Records (in-store performance)

This show alone probably gave me tinnitus. A half-hour set of the LOUDEST music Iíve ever heard. And it all sounded the same and wasnít very good, but man, the VOLUME.

3. Holy Grail @ Masquerade- Heaven
Exodus, Malevolent Creation, Holy Grail, Bonded by Blood

I didnít dig the power metal-thrash thing they had going on, and the vocals were just horrendous.

2. Brazen Angel @ Masquerade- Heaven
Death Angel, Brazen Angel, Force of Habbit

Really, really cheesy power metal. Or maybe just power metal, I'm not sure. (I don't listen to power metal, so I dunno if this would be considered any good.)

1. Force of Habbit @ Masquerade- Heaven
Death Angel, Brazen Angel, Force of Habbit

see above.

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