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Loganarchy's favorite albums of 2010, etc.

5. Cephalic Carnage @ Masquerade- Heaven
Summer Slaughter

Even though their new album sucks, I cannot deny the sheer awesomeness of this performance. I was in love with Xenosapien at the time and so I had looked forward to them, for sure, but I did not expect them to blow my mind to such an extent. They played for about 25 minutes and totally kicked my ass that night. Although this was my first grind "show," I still had yet to fully grasp the power of grindcore in a live setting...

4. Every Time I Die @ Masquerade- Hell
Every Time I Die, Trap Them, Howl

This was on their "intimate venue" tour. Though the venue wasn't as intimate and small as I would've liked, it was still very nice and much better than the venues they usually play. The place was fucking packed, and the crowd was crazy as hell. But what do you expect at an ETID show? The setlist was amazingg, though I do wish they played for more than an hour. I can't complain, though. Even though the crowd probably drowned out the band at times, I still heard the band perfectly and enjoyed myself immensely. I wish I had the balls to stage-dive, though...

3. Death Angel @ Masquerade- Heaven
Death Angel, Halycon Way, Brazen Angel, Force of Habbit

I kind of liked these guys before I saw them live, but I didn't think they were that good. The Ultra-Violence was a pretty good album but that was about it. Still, in the back of my mind I thought/hoped that Death Angel would be one of those bands who completely surprises me live. I was right. They were intensely captivating, just simply amazing, really. I felt bad for them, though: barely 40 people showed up, and the venue was almost 900-person capacity. I had to leave before the encore, unfortunately, but all in all it was a great night. Thrashtastic

2. Wormrot @ Eyedrum
Phobia, Maruta, Wormrot

These guys did not fail to meet my expectations. In fact, they exceeded them. Wow... even after Cephalic, I never realized how fun grindcore could be live! Seeing them in an art gallery with 25 other people seemed oh so fitting. They rocketed through Abuse as well as a bunch of new songs from their recent split with I Abhor. How a three-piece band could make so much fucking noise is beyond me. All of us were crammed right against the stage, headbanging and going crazy in general. The moshing was the best I've experienced at any show. Perhaps this was because there was not a traditional "pit," just people running around apeshit. Best show all year without a doubt.

1. Vektor @ 585 Wells St
Vektor, Severed Faith, Living Decay

Wow... Just wow. Wormrot may have been the show of the year, but this was definitely the performance of the year...even if I only saw one song. Yep, one song ("Black Future"), and that song alone was the best performance I've seen by any band ever. It was so immensely powerful. Amazingly enough, I wasn't even a Vektor fan at the time. I thought they were good, but like Brad here, I didn't think they were anything special. Seeing them live in an old warehouse with 30 other people changed all of that for me. And pretty much everyone else who has seen Vektor live will tell you the same thing, that they are probably the best live band in metal, today, yesterday, and tomorrow

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