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apparently the drummer for WOP is from El Monte, the city i'm from and live in. my friend was talking to some members of WOP before the show and told them he's from El Monte too and they talked for a bit. after the show when WOP was throwing stuff out my friend yelled out El Monte to the drummer and the drummer smiled at him and yelled back Monte and handed him the setlist.

i also met andrew metalhead at this show for the first time. to my suprise he liked the lineup, and enjoyed Carnifex a lot.

also the singer of Carnifex had a Wolves in the Throne Room shirt. i don't listen to them but i know a lot of people here talk about them a lot.

i also somewhat got into an arguement that i found hilarious with some metal elitist when my friends and i went to burger king after the show. he was a very fat metalhead with dirty long blonde hair, a dirty looking beard, a Pantera shirt, and the nerdiest voice ever. i HATE stereotyping but he was the definition of a guy in his mid 20's who still hasn't gotten laid, lives at home with his parents still and plays World of Warcraft all the time.

he overheard us talking about the show and started telling us how much of posers we are for liking those bands and enjoying the show. i didn't want to argue back with him i just wanted to see where this goes and laugh it off. he starts this rant saying he wants to stab every hardcore dancer there and "that hardcore shit is so gay" and that this show was full of posers because "there wasn't enough push pits." he told my friend that he's a faggot for having fun during Winds of Plague, and my friend tells him why do you care if you don't like them. he goes off all pissed off saying well you guys are still kids and don't know real metal and should listen to "true metal like death metal and black metal and not poser metal." i wanted to laugh my ass off as how retarded this conversation was. he reminded of a keyboard warrior who would talk shit on bands on youtube and telling everyone they should listen to "real metal." in fact i'm pretty sure he does that. i don't know why he'd go to a show of bands he hates, but he had a younger kid next to him with a Great Commision shirt on (a band that played this festival). i'm guessing that was his little brother or someone he went with to the show. not long after more of him trying to talk shit more to us, a car comes next to them and he says "goodbye lady faggot posers" or something along those lines and goes into the car with the kid he was with. the kid opens the door and says "hi mom." keep in mind the older metal elitist looked like he was maybe 25 years old. i bet he felt very accomplished talking shit to us and trying to tell us what's "real metal"

i thought i'd share this story because i thought it was pretty funny and also i feel like that guy is the perfect definition of why some people talk shit about metalheads(who are usually nerdy): fat nerdy guys who constantly talk shit about everyone and everything especially bands and "what's true" and not.
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