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Loganarchy's favorite albums of 2010, etc.

Top Live Performances of the Year

10. Vital Remains @ Masquerade- Heaven

Summer Slaughter

A crushing set. 20 minutes of painstaking kickassery and brutality. Admittedly, the sound could have been better- which may have contributed to my somewhat failed expectations. Nevertheless, it was fucking sick. "Dechristanize" ripped my face off, and more.

9. Black Breath @ Masquerade- Heaven
Converge, Gaza, Black Breath

They only played a 20-minute set, but wow, what a set! The frontman definitely played the part of hardcore frontman onstage, maybe without any jumping into the crowd. I can't really add anything else, except confirm what everybody else is saying, that Black Breath are a great live band, indeed.

8. Testament @ Tabernacle

Megadeth, Testament, Exodus

My single biggest piece of evidence that Testament is a fantastic live band? They played all of The Legacy...I hate that album. (Oh yeah, they played "Into The Pit," too )

7. Malevolent Creation @ Masquerade- Heaven
Exodus, Malevolent Creation, Holy Grail, Bonded by Blood

They blew away Exodus without a doubt. I didn't recognize anything they played, but by god they fucking killed it! They played about 40 minutes and savagely beat my ass all the way through. Oh god, it was sooooo brutal....

6. Goatwhore @ Masquerade- Hell
Watain, Goatwhore, Black Anvil

Awesome performance. I was right up front, shouting most of the words and headbanging my ass off. Ben looked at me a bunch and gave me a . Great setlist, too. Ben has such an amazing stage presence. I waited so long to see these guys (I actually missed 7 different chances to see them) and they definitely did not disappoint.

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