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Loganarchy's favorite albums of 2010, etc.

EDIT: changed title of thread... I'd like to think that the confusing title is the reason nobody has been commenting on here

Expect a Top 10 Performances of the year up soon (opting to do this rather than shows themselves).
In addition, I shall have my Top 10 Albums of the Year list up sometime next week

In the meantime, let's get this off to a controversial start, shall we?

Most Surprising Performances (not ranked)
*that is, the bands I hated/disliked on record that weren't half-bad live*

Suicide Silence @ Lakewood Amphittheatre
Warped Tour

First of all, I don't hate these guys on record. They've got a couple of decent/pretty good songs. They're definitely not a favorite of mine, though.

A couple of kids at my school have told me how great this band is live. Obviously, I'm not one to side with scene kids, but in this case, I have to. They were actually pretty good live and held my interest for a little while. Mitch Lucker is a loser, constantly calling for circle pits and telling the crowd to put their middle fingers up in the air, but he does have a decent stage presence, to boot. "Wake Up" and "Lifted" were pretty sick

Carnifex, Veil of Maya @ Masquerade- Heaven stage
Summer Slaughter

I hate both of these guys on record. Their breakdowns and overall tone are pretty fucking horrendous. However, neither band particularly sucked balls that day. Carnfiex weren't good per se, but they were by no means bad, either. Veil of Maya, on the other hand, were actually really good live. They sounded so much different. Since the show, I've read that their gimmick is the guitarist playing his stuff back through his pedal or something. It made everything sound more electronica-esque.

Gaza @ Masquerade- Heaven
Converge, Gaza, Black Breath

Gaza's label as "sludgy grind" definitely appeals to me. I like sludge and I love grind. However, these guys are just way too slow and boring for my taste. Their grind parts are too few in number and not interesting enough.
However, they did impress me live. The band was energetic and they sounded heavy as fuck. Very fun performance, actually.

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