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TOP 10 Worst Openers of 2010

1.Doomriders(For Skeletonwitch)-oh my god do these guys suck peepee. They think their all tuff. Asshole guitar player kicked stage divers and got my buddy and put his head under his crotch. fuck this band. They suck balls at makin music and being people. Dickriders

2.All Shall Perish(For Danzig)-After Toxic Holocaust played I was in a great mood until these tuff baldys showed up. Nothing worst than a deathcore band trying to be macho. You play deathcore and your opening for Danzig;you aint cool! All Suck Penis

3.Five Finger Death Punch(For Mayhem Fest)-Another band that gives metalcore a bad name. After seeing Hatebreed and waiting to see Lamb Of God I remembered these cacas were up next. Damn that sucked. Five Finger Donkey Punch.

4.Motley Crue- Ugh if Skeletonwitch/Goatwhore/Exodus/Devil Driver didnt play I wouldnt have gone just to avoid these glam jack offs. This this is the only time I will admit of seeing this band live. Motley Crap.

5.Fight Amp-For Iron Age-I hate sludge,im sorry i just do. Light Lamp

6.Dyer-For Exodus-I hate stereotypical deth/thrash bands. I hate patriotic people. Nuff Said! USA Lyers

7.The Oh Sees(For OFF!)-These guys ended up headlining. I hate indie art bands to the max. Get your indie bullshit out of my punk rock. The Oh Shut the fuck ups.

8.Righteous Fool(For COC)-I was looking so forward to these guys because the lead singer is Mike of COC(he was opening for himself). Bad idea when your the first band and people are just yelling out COC songs. I really tried to get into it. Yep you fooled us for believing you'd be as great as COC.

Damn no 9 or 10. Sill since i Only had 2 anyway

The Let down live bands of 2010

1.Circle Jerks-One of my all time favorite bands. All Keith Morris did was bitch and talk about the punk scene and stage diving. Only cool thing he did was play 5 Black Flag songs. Im so glad he has a fresh new band. Waste and & Seconds was worth still going.

2.Korn-I grew up with this band,I was excited to see them. They did a sloppy job and They weren't into it at all. Tho they played all my favorite songs they coulda done better.
1/6- Volhan/Shataan
1/17-Entombed AD/Full Of Hell

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