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Winds of Plague -- Pomona, CA -- December 23rd, 2010

i went to this show primarily to see As Blood Runs Black. WOP aren't bad imo but i just can't get into them. when my friends and i get to the show we find out it's sold out. it doesn't take long to find extra tickets from some local bands who needed to sell their tickets. from looking at the crowd and not to my suprise, this show was going to be plauged with brocore dancers.

i missed all the local bands, except the last one, The Great Commission. i have seen this band's name many times on a lot of fliers opening up for -core shows such as this one. to my suprise when they came on they got a really good crowd reaction and a lot of people knew all the lyrics. there were a lot of hardcore dancers looking to kill someone, but they still got a good amount of circle pits too. even though they are very breakdown heavy i enjoyed them live, but i wouldn't listen to them on my own.

next up was Carnifex. i don't think they're terrible but i don't like them really. but to be honest, they were pretty good live. it was retarded but funny at the same time to see them ask for circle pits and no one in the crowd was doing anything during the fast parts, but went apeshit for the breakdowns.

next up was As Blood Runs Black who were the main reason i came. i've liked this band since '07 but i've never seen them before. every time i was supposed to see them some of my friends ranked out for whatever reason. anyways they were great live. the new band members were great especially the new singer. i'm pretty stoked to hear the new album which drops out in february. they got some decent circle pits, and of course a grip of hardcore dancers. they did have a wall of death for the last breakdown for the last song. they were still a lot of fun though and i cant wait to see them again.

Air Force One
In Dying Days
Strife (Chug Chug)
My Fears Have Become Phobias
Hester Prynne (w/ wall of death)

next up was Winds of Plague. i'm not really a fan but i've seen them twice and they're fun live. they were pretty fun live this time live. i enjoyed ABRB's performance more but i thought WOP was more fun due to the fact that more people were into it. they got some alright circle pits, and of course a bunch of hardcore dancers. their wall of death at the end was pretty sweet though.

The Impaler
Origins and Endings
Crest and Horns
Decimate the Weak
Angels of Debauchery
Approach the Podium
Refined in Fire (new)
Reloaded (w/ wall of death)
1.19 Nightwish
2.4 August Burns Red
2.13 Bodom
2.17 Machine Head
2.18 Symphony X

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