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1.Gama Bomb(for Evile)-Since the new album that was free came out ive been wanting to see these Irish thrashers. High pitched comic book sci-fo heavy metal. Singing along on stage was so ARRRGHG!

2.Ceremony(For Integrity)-2nd time seeing Ceremony. First time I hadnt heard much but the show was so intence I had to see them again. Im sure most people only went for this band. Place when nuts when they started and not one person in the place didnt get kicked in the face that day. Ceremony is HXC.

3.Bonded By Blood(For Evildead/Warbringer/Exodus/Evile)-4 time did I see one my favorite new thrash bands. First 3 times were great as I sang a long and headbanged to the high pitch screams of Immortal Life. 4 time they got a new singer. I wasnt sure if this was gonna be good since i loved the vocals. New singer was actually pretty good.

4.Repulsion(for COC)-People went nuts for them instead of a reunited COC. That tells you somthing. These guys help start grindcore! Nuff Said!

5.Fuck the Facts(for Iron Age)Lead Singer Mel was 5 month pregnant and singing her fetus out for a free Grindcore show. Canadian Prego Grind RULES!

6.Skeletonwitch(For Cannibal Corpse/Ozzfest)-A band that is amazing when they headline. Opening for CC was impressing since I knew thier music this time round. Ozzfest early in the morning were still badass. You have to see them headline.

7.7 Seconds(For Circle Jerks)-This band shoulve headlined. Nevada sxe youth crew pioneers. Ive been wanting to see this band since 8th grade and finally they returned. I sang my lungs out for every single song so I was pooped for a crappy live Circle Jerks.

8.Municpal Waste(For Circle Jerks)-one of my all time favorite bands. They did a great job and I enjoyed hearing new song but this is band isnt the same unless they headline.

9.DxAxF(For Cannabis Corpse/Toxic Holocaust)-Lead singer Big Mike(RF7,Out Of Tune) is well known in the LA punk/metal scene for being a drummer. This time he sings. A great fuckin band thats fast and snotty the way crossover is supposed to be.

10.Exmortus(For Warbringer/Vektor).First time I saw these guys I was Iffy about losing the singer.They were still great. 2nd time I was really impressed and into it. I got punched for a free shirt.
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