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EL Turtle Boys gay ass list for 2010!

Top 10 Shows of 2010

1.American Carnage-The show we waited literally a year for. I had gotten seat tickets so I was sitting miserably during Testament. By then me and my buds had snuck down to the pit to see fuckin Megadeth. I got upfront for Slayer and I was fuckin happy.
Slayer/Megadeth together is just a perfect feeling.

2.Cannibal Corpse/Skeletonwitch
-My 2nd time seeing Skeli and they were amazing. Cannibal Corpse was just so wild and crazy like all the story's you hear about them. One of the greatest bands to see live.

3.GWAR/The Casaulties-I hadnt seen The Casaulties in years so it felt great to relive my middle skool punk rock years. GWAR is just intense live with their props and junk. You've never had fun at a show until youve seen them live.

4.OFF!-The greatest thing to come out of punk rock in years. Keith Morris of the legendary Black Flag/Circle Jerks with their larger than life band. It felt like being at a punk show in the 80s. Back when punk rock was alive n kickin.

5.Mayhem Fest-I walked in perfect timing waiting for Hatebreed. Theyre so nuts on stage. I just love that hardcore punk and metal feeling.
Lamb Of God was great. Rob Zombie puts a show so amazing that even if you aint into to his music you will be. Korn disappointed but it ok.

6.Power Of The Riff Fest-A free festival. Trap Them,Black Breath,Semen Sundae are bands of the new wave of hxc and they prove to be as great. Grindcore legends Repulsion owned the show with stage diving crowed Surfing. And we cant forget a once in a life time 3 piece reunion of Crossover Thrash era-Corrosion Of Conformity. You aint gonna see that again!

7.Toxic Holocaust
-a band I really fell inlove with last year that ive been dying to see. Nowhere better than a little ass place in east la. Joel Grind is a mastermind and his lyrics and stage performance are great.

8.Cannabis Corpse-Being a Municipal Waste fan I had to see this side project. Cannabis Corpse is tongue in cheek band that you still take seriously. Fueled By Fire need their original singer back badly. I left with a love for two local bands. DxAxF(Drunk As Fuck) a crossover thrash band with large people and music. And Crust punk Temple Of Dagon that love HP Lovecraft instead of stupid political lyrics.

9.Danzig-in 2009 they would've been #2 but in 2010 they're #9. Glenn has been my hero since middle skool along with Jello Biafra,Sid Vicious,Darby crash,etc. This band being the badass's they are just make you wanna sing along and headbang in a motion that is evil. Danzig is legendary

10.Vitamin X/ACxDC-
Powerviolence is a beautiful sub genre of hardcore punk. Think a punk rock version of Grindcore. ACxDC(Anti-Christ demon Core) are so intense and great. My favorite band at the moment. They outstaged Vitamin X/Lack Of Interest who also are fuckin great.
12/3-Lil B
12/10-Agnostic Front?
12/18-Code Orange?
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