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EP Rankings

2010 EP Rankings

3. Phobia – Unrelenting
I’m fairly new to grindcore, so I don’t have very much to compare this to, but I’ll take it for what it is: 17 ‘unrelenting’ songs in not even 15 minutes. This EP is just a short burst of madness and energy. A couple of the songs sound a little bit repetitive, especially in the vocal patterns, but that doesn’t really surprise me. It’s actually better than a lot of full length’s on my list and it’s great when I feel like smacking my steering wheel and banging my head for 15 minutes while I’m driving.
1. Revolt Your Life
2. Life’s Animosity
3. If You Used to Be Punk, Then You Never Were

2. Autopsy – The Tomb Within
I was surprised earlier this year whenever Chris Reifert suddenly ended Abscess (who also have an album out this year…just realized I never got around to hearing it) and reactivated Autopsy full time. I was even more surprised whenever they announced they were going to have an EP out just a couple of months after that. There’s not much you can really say about this EP, other than it’s Autopsy. Some of the songs fit right in with the classic Autopsy albums, while others sound more like Autopsy’s mid-later 90’s albums. The riffs are slow, heavy, and slamming, while Reifert’s grunts are as inhuman and sloppy as ever (in a good way). This EP is Autopsy’s way of showing everybody that they’ve still got it, and after hearing this, I really can’t wait for their full length to be released.
1. My Corpse Shall Rise
2. Human Genocide
3. The Tomb Within

1. Triptykon – Shatter
I picked this up at the whenever I saw Triptykon live a couple weeks before it was released. The EP features two new Triptykon songs that were recorded during or around the recording of Eparistera Daimones (Shatter, I Am the Twilight), an ambient interlude (Crucifixus), and two classic Celtic Frost songs performed live by the band (Circle of the Tyrants, Dethroned Emperor), with the latter featuring Nocturno Culto on vocals. The new songs are full of as much quality as anything on Eparistera, if not even better than a couple of tracks, while the live songs are well, Celtic Frost. The simplicity and ambience of “Shatter” make it one of the most haunting but beautiful songs of the year, while “I Am the Twilight” is just eight minutes of heavy. In my eyes it doesn’t get too much better than an EP filled with new Triptykon and live Celtic Frost classics, so that’s probably why this is my favorite EP of the year.
1. Shatter
2. I Am the Twilight
3. Dethroned Emperor (Live with Nocturno Culto)
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