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Marshall Lockjaw, The Beast Arises, Children Of Madness all sounded killer , and were better than some of the Maiden tunes. I wanted to hear Battlezone, but he said they weren't going to because they already had a setlist worked out. But Paul did catch the band off-guard by saying they'd do Highway To Hell. He told a story, explaining why he wanted to dedicate a song to Bon.

I'd go see Paul even if I knew he would not play any Maiden tunes, but of course I want to hear them. Prowler, Charlotte, Phantom were highlights for sure. Hearing the IM album in-order was what I wanted, but after the show I was glad he mixed it up. And Paul's on-stage banter is entertaining, when you can understand him. He responded to anyone in the crowd who yelled out anything. Often it was quite funny. Even though Paul said his voice sounded like crap, I thought everything sounded great. Killer show.
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