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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Off the top of my head, giving this very little thought:
01.Dream Evil (kinda weird, but oh well)
02.Holy Diver
03.The Last in Line
05.Sacred Heart
06.Killing the Dragon
07.Lock Up the Wolves
08.Strange Highways
09.Master of the Moon
10.Angry Machines
I would move Dream Evil down to fourth but other than that you ranking's are correct.

Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
You must be trollin, I refuse to believe that theirs such thing as a Rush fan who thinks that Fly By Night and the s/t are their worst albums.
Then you obviously don't know too many Rush fans then. Their fans consistanly rank their s/t at the very bottom or towards the bottom. Rush is my favorite band and that's where I would put their first album as well. Musically it's fine but lyrically is fuckin garbage and it kills the songs.

Except for their s/t and maybe RTB there aren't any other Rush albums i'd consider to be that bad at all. That first album was just them fuckin around and having fun. It's an OK album but nothing more. I consider Rush to have officially began on FBN because it's Neil's lyrics that has given them the idenity and the following that they've got now.

Without Peart's words Rush would've been some 70s Zeppelin clone and been done by 1980. People would be talking about Rush in the same breath as Molly Hatchet when asking 'where are they now?' if Neil never joined. Neil's lyrics have challenged Geddy and Alex to come up with the best music possible through the years. Because when you have a man who writes lyrics that good you need to have the best musical compositions possible to back up what he' saying.
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