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Skeletonwitch -- Richmond, VA -- December 19th, 2010

Strike The Cord
Burn Seraph
Misery Index
Job For A Cowboy

Attended with: My Father

Merchandise: skeletonwitch cd ‘breathing the fire’, misery index cd ‘heirs to thievery’, skeletonwitch beer koozie, job for a cowboy t-shirt, misery index t-shirt, skeletonwitch t-shirt

Autographs: skeletonwitch, job for a cowboy (except the singer)

This was my first show at the Canal Club. The Doors opened at The Canal Club at 5:00 p.m. and the first band went on about 5:45.

The first band to go on was a Richmond, VA local band called Strike The Cord, They were fairly good they had the normal metalcore sound you would expect from a band like that.

The 2nd band was Burn Seraph, I can’t really place a sound on them, nor do I have their set list. They put on a very good show. I recommend them though.

Then came Misery Index. I got right up against the stage for them. They put on the 2nd best show of the night, they really know how to interact with the crowd and get them pumped up. The crowd on the other hand was not very good. Everyone Just kind of stood around and bobbed their heads, I on the other hand went crazy headbanging, beating the stage, moshing, you name it I probably did it. The only songs I can remember them playing was ‘Conquistadores’ and 'The Spectator'.

Now onto Skeletonwitch. They were BY FAR the best band that night. When I arrived at the club, me and my dad sat down at a table, little did I know we were sitting behind the guys from skeletonwitch. I was quite star struck. I have been wanting to see/meet them for around 3 years, but I waited to talk to them until after their set. They came on and hyped up the crowd first, told a little story about how they recorded their latest album in Richmond. Their stage show consisted of some fog and a couple strobe lights not much. I was fortunate enough to be able to have the vocalist hand me the setlist (which I later got autographed by the whole band). The crowd during them was also the best of the night. On The Subject of MAYHEM FEST: I asked them if they were playing, to which they responded by saying “anything is possible”

Their full setlist for the night was from opener to closer:
Submit To The Suffering
Blinding Black Rage
Upon Wings Of Black
Despoiler Of Human Life
Strangled By Unseen Hands
Sacrifice For The Slaughtergod
Beyond The Permafrost
Stand Fight And Die
Crushed Beyond Dust
Repulsive Salvation
Vengeance Will Be Mine
Within My Blood

Onto Job For A Cowboy, Their bus broke down at some point during the tour so they didn’t have 85% of their equipment. They had great sound nonetheless. Crowd Reaction was awesome. I cant really say a whole lot about them because they didn’t have all the stuff they needed. I do not have the full setlist but I do remember some songs.**


Job For A Cowboy played:
Unfurling A Darkened Gospel
Entombment Of A Machine
Constitutional Masturbation
Ruination ???
Total Satan (Cover Song) (original was by the band ‘The Crown’)

After their set the guitarist stayed on stage and talked to some people, I took a piece of paper and got the guys to sign it, but unfortunately the singer was nowhere to be found. I was able to get the guitarists pick so that was a plus. All in all it was a fantastic show

ive got 2 skeletonwitch songs in 1 video, and 1 misery index video.

Skeletonwitch Video:

Misery Index Video:

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