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It's funny I went through all 50+ lists on Roadrunner and found some interesting things. These are all employees of the label or band members so it's a decent representation of people who know music. Other than not sticking to the strict 2010 release date I was really impressed with the choices overall. Some interesting facts:

1) Deftones would probably be the #1 cd on their site. Top 3 definitely.

2) Of the 5 bands I called out for being overrated only 1 would be Top 10 on their site. Blind Guardian and rightfully so.

3) The only guy who chose Agalloch and had them as his #1 pick specifically said the song I called "U2 with shitty vocals" was the best song on the cd which I found totally amusing.

I'm an Agalloch fan and really like some of their heavier stuff but to call Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires the best song on the best album of 2010 makes that dude a total assclown to me.
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